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Street Art Mural or Vandalism: Which is Which?
There are so many new art forms being created or many existing acts of creativity that are now being recognized as 'art', and this is extremely refreshing because it reassures us that the human mind is constantly growing and creating. Street art such as graffiti has been recognized as talent and by doing so it could even create an area or build areas where only they can show off their work instead of on the sides of building or walls around their neighborhood.

Another wonderful art form is sand art. Whether it be on sidewalks or creating images on the insides of bottles using sand, the intricacy and detail is nothing short of admirable. It's encouraging to those who produce these pieces because it truly brings to light that no matter what medium they're using, their skill is appreciated. An age old art that perhaps not many may be familiar with is batik. It is a wonderful process of combining wax with cloth and dye and creating the most spectacular works of art. And this has culture embedded in it because every piece tells a story of its culture. It has historical significance because for hundreds of years the people of Indonesia have been using it as a mean to communicate and document their stories.

But one has to stand back for a moment and observe- with such a flood of different styles and genres in the world of art, is it easy to get lost and lose the line that's is so faintly drawn between art and mere scribble? The bigger dilemma here is WHO do we deem credible to make this decision and why this person? Art is the hardest thing to judge because it really comes down to perspective. Everyone has different views of what could be deemed worthy of being called 'art'. It's a never-ending debate really.

The most important thing in all this is that we must be careful not to lose the importance of aesthetics and not to undermine it in such a way that it either disappears or becomes subject to a specific criticism. Because trends come and go but art cannot be restricted to trends. We should encourage artists to explore and create new and wonderful forms of expression; but let us not forget the essence of art. Simplicity and creativity can produce wonderfully intricate pieces! Let us also try not to make a mockery of art by losing its importance.

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